OHE Clear contains a highly specialized resin that enables this topcoat to dry and cure quicker than any other water based product available! It truly is one of a kind and we know you will celebrate it for its strength, ease of use, and it’s ability to return projects back to use in record time. 


Packaging /sold in hybridized recycled black plastic paint cans with easy close lids.  This will prevent lids from corrosion and prevent lids from getting stuck on after use since the formula is so strong!


Application and use

Suitable over all waterborne paints glazes and fully cured stains.

May be brushed, sprayed or rolled

Recommended Brushes for application: Wise Owl micro angle, Wise Owl flat brushes, Cling On S50, S30, F50, F40, F30, B10, and B12

Availble Finishes: Matte, Satin, and Semi-Gloss

Available Sizes:  Quarts or Gallons


Cure time:

OHE- 90% cured in 4 hours

Able to return items to use the next day Fully cured in 14 days

Recoat time- This ABSOLUTELY depends on relative humidity, so re-coat time to apply additional coat is between 1-4 hours.




One Hour Enamel Topcoat

  • Due to the wide selection of Wise Owl Paints and Finishes and to ensure freshness, some Wise Owl products maybe Shipped from Wise Owl warehouse. If this happens, I will notify you immediately.